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Biuro InĹźynierskie is specialised in measurements of mechanical test parameters. Its main focus is on measuring quantities like strain, displacement, force, acceleration, rotation, pressure and temperature. For these purposes we offer the latest generation of sensors and transducers, instruments as well as fully computerised measurement systems with specialised software.


Biuro Inżynierskie, dr Piotr Kręglicki
ul. H. Sienkiewicza 7
21-040 Świdnik

Tel. 081-4682927, fax 081-4682922

E-mail: kamika@poczta.onet.pl


  • » Strain gauges manufactured by Vishay PG for strain measurements in experimental stress analysis and for transducer design.
  • » Strain gauges accessories for bonding, protective coating and bridge wiring.
  • » Instrumentation and multi-channel computer controlled data acquisition systems for static and dynamic measurements manufactured by Vishay Measurements, ESA, Curtiss Wright
  • » Airborne recorders, data acquisition & concentrators, ice-fire & hazard systems, air data computers & avionic" from CWC-A&E
  • » Instrumentation for multi-channel contactless measurements of mechanical quantities on rotating parts manufactured by Manner Sensortelemetrie
  • » Displacement transducers: potentiometers, inductive (LVDT), non-contact capacitive and laser optical systems for all measurement ranges from Messotron
  • » Force, speed and acceleration (in all directions) transducers manufacuterd by ESA;
  • » Specialised ESAM Software for data acquisition, evaluation and analysis;
  • » Technical support, training sessions and consulting in fields of strain, acceleration and vibration measurements, frequency analysis or fatigue life

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VishayPG strain gauges, bonding, protective coating - products catalogue.

Vishay PG instrumentation - products catalogue.

All consulting services and price info are available directly through Biuro Inżynierskie

KAM 500 systems for in-flight tests, airborne recorders, avionics.

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Traveller data acquisition systems for static and dynamic measurements.

Technical specs

Multi-channel contactless systems for measurements on rotating parts from Manner Sensortelemetrie.

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